The Echo Podcast

Justice After The Tulsa Race Massacre (interview with Pastor LeRon West)

May 24, 2021

100 years ago, 35 blocks of Tulsa (known as Black Wall Street) were torched. Hundreds were killed or injured. Bodies, incriminating evidence, and news stories were hastily buried. As the city has just recently begun to address the massacre, competing voices can be heard. Some reject the idea that we should talk about racism or systematic injustice. Others say our primary identity is in the color of our skin. And then there's LeRon West! Pastor West has spent his life in Tulsa - as a kid, a fireman, and a pastor. He's experienced extreme racism in his own life, but has responded with Christlike grace. As the world descends upon Tulsa this weekend, this episode offers you a Biblically-informed way to process the past and take steps forward. 

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